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If you’re looking for something very basic to get started with then Body Trac Glider is a low-end rowing machine and uses pistons for resistance. It is compact, lightweight and really affordable.

Build Quality

The frame is built with steel with an aluminium beam and is pretty compact and light weight when compared to other rowing machines and thus can be easily stored when not in use.


The machine offers a small monitor to display the details of your workout like distance travelled, time spent while working out and the total number of calories that you’ve burnt during your workout.


This machine is priced pretty cheap and is definitely a low-end entry-level rowing machine for those of you who are just looking forward to give it a try.


a. Real rowing (oar-like) action, rather than just pulling on a single T-bar.

b. Comfortable

c. Adjustable rowing tension.

d. A very sturdy, rigid, and well-built frame.

e. Easy to assemble.

f. Takes little room to use.

g. Very low cost (one hundred twenty dollars).


a. The seat is not well padded.

b. The unit creaks and squeaks a bit until it is warmed-up.

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