Best Foam Rollers - Top Picks and Reviews 2017

Expert Foam Roller Reviews and Ratings by Certified Personal Trainers and Physical Therapists

Best Foam Rollers Reviews 2017

After a workout it's not uncommon for our muscles to get tensed or hard. Not only are they extremely uncomfortable, the pain can cause problems and interfere with your daily activities. When this happens you can get a massage to relax your muscles. Unfortunately this takes a lot of time and most of us don’t have the luxury of getting one whenever our muscles ache. This is when it's a good time to take advantage of the relief foam rollers can provide. They've proven to be excellent at relieving muscle pain, and best of all they can be used almost anywhere.

One need foam rollers for various needs, and if you are looking for the most versatile one that has a lot of options you can go for, Trigger Point Performance.

However if you need a conventional form roller for basic post workout needs then you can buy the Exercise Foam Roller.

Find the Foam Roller that is right for you!

Muscle aches and pains after a workout? Don't worry, we've found a simple way to ease and relax tight muscles. There are different types of foam rollers available, each with its own advantages. Here we have our top 5 picks for foam rollers so you can start feeling some relief.

The Winners: The best Foam Rollers 2017

#1 Recommendation: Trigger Point Performance

It is a convenient foam roller which comes in different sizes. Out of all the foam rollers we have tested, this is the toughest.

You can get in different colours and also different sizes. We prefer the big 26 Inch model, but you can also choose the smaller 13 Inch models. According to your need you can choose your size.

However the most impressive feature for Trigger Point Performance is that it does not break down with use. Even after a lot of use we found no dents on the roller. The manufacturers claim it can withstand 600 pounds of weight, which is quite impressive.

Second, the amount of foam it uses is less than any other roller. It is made of EVA which makes it quite durable also.

It also makes use of Distrodensity zone design which creates a matrix of different widths. This varying grooves can add to the comfort and quickly relax your muscles.

We would recommend you to not use the foam roller in wet conditions as it can affect the adhesive. Store it in dry conditions.

Overall, it is an excellent foam roller which has been appreciated and recommended by many trainers and physical therapists.


#2 Recommendation: Exercise Foam Roller

A 2 in 1 roller which gives you the comfort of a conventional foam roller and also of a hollow roller.

You get the same benefits as you would expect from a foam roller, it helps you to release lactic acid and relax your muscles. You can also use it as a tool while doing some exercises.

The company backs this product with a 100% money back guarantee. You can return the product if it breaks down (which is quite rare).

The foam roller easily fits in the hollow roller, giving it extra sturdiness and also it takes a less space while storing it. You can easily take it with you while travelling.

The length is long enough and it is quite lightweight.

It excels in areas like providing quick comfort, light weight and travel friendly. We would easily recommend this roller to anyone.


#3 Recommendation: EPE Black High Density Foam Roller

A simple foam roller which has been trusted for many years. It is mostly used to target specific areas or muscles, thanks to its thickness.

You can get it in three different lengths depending upon your size and weight.

The excessive smell of foam fades away with time. It holds up after heavy and frequent use also. It also doesn’t take a lot of time while cleaning due to its simple design.

It doesn’t have groves, but for the price it provides excellent comfort.


#4 Recommendation: ProSource Ultra Deluxe Roller

A relatively new roller which has been impressing a lot of trainers. It is hollow foam roller with evenly spaced buds which are of different length.

These buds can help you in giving targeted massage.

It also holds up pretty well. You can use it frequently and it will provide the same level of comfort. It is also compact than other foam rollers which on the plus side, helps you to store it easily. You can also keep it while travelling.

However, the short length may be a cause of concern for some users. They don’t provide you the option of choosing different lengths.

But if you are used to rollers of this length you can surely upgrade to it for extra comfort.


#5 Recommendation: Yes4All High Density Foam Roller

This is one of the cheapest foam rollers available starting at a price of 8.50$. It has a traditional foam roller design and is available in different sizes.

It is on the heavier side and this provides extra firmness to the roller.

However, it doesn’t hold up after heavy tests. The comfort level is also average.

You can buy this roller for low to moderate use. IF you are just starting with foam rollers this can be a good choice. However we don’t recommend it for heavy use. There are a lot of other options available.


How to Use a Foam Roller?

Not sure what’s the best way to go about post-workout recovery and relieve muscle tension. Here’s a detailed video by the guys at Global Cycling Network on how to use it.

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