Best Bike Locks - Top Picks and Reviews 2017

Expert Bike Lock Reviews and Ratings by Certified Personal Trainers and Engineers

Best Bike Locks for your Road and Mountain Bikes

Bike theft doesn't have to happen to you. It's easy to keep your road or mountain bike safe and secure with a bike lock. Keep reading to find our picks for the top 6 bicycle locks.

After a lot of tries on breaking locks, the bike lock which can give you maximum security and is worth every buck, is the, Kryptonite 997986 Fahgettaboudit U-lock.

However, if you are looking for something cheaper and bike theft is not a major concern then we recommend the Kryptonite Kryptolok Series 2 Bicycle U-lock.

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Find our Bike Lock reviews, comparison charts and buying guides to help you buy the right lock to keep your bikes safe.

The Winners: Best Bike Locks 2017

#1 Recommendation: Kryptonite 997986 Fahgettaboudit U-lock

Kryptonite 997986 is hands down the most secure bike lock in the market. In our tests, we found the metal to be extremely tough and difficult to break.

Thick Metal

First up you get 18 millimetres of hardened steel in the U-bent. This is the thickest U-lock available. If this was not enough, you also get thick steel crossbar. Even if somehow the thief manages to cut the U-bent, he still has to make the cut in the crossbar. The chances of this happening are practically zero. Therefore, this model ensures the best security.

Small Size

After you lock your bikes frame with the lock, the area is tiny. In the little space left it ‘s hard to operate heavy tools to break the lock. The small size hence increases the security of the lock.

The lock comes with three keys and high-intensity LED, which allows you to use the same in dark conditions.

On the downside, the lock is quite heavy, and you can only secure one portion of your bike.

If you own an expensive bike, you don’t want to get it stolen, and the Kryptonite 997986 provides the best security.


#2 Recommendation: Krypton Kryptolok Series 2 Standard Bicycle U-Lock

If you don’t want to spend too much on your bike, then this model is the best to budget option available. It is versatile U-lock with 4-foot cable.


Apart from the U-lock which secures the frame of your bike you also get an extended 4-foot cable which can help you to lock both the wheels. It is relatively easy to use, and more components of your bike can be secured. The use of cable is more of a personal choice and some customers even use it to lock two bikes at the same time, thanks to the cable length.

Light Weight

The Krypton Kryptolok Series 2 Standard lock weighs just 3.23 lbs. Thanks to the lightweight you can carry it easily. So if you cover long distances on your bike, this model won’t be much difficult to carry.

Since the U-lock uses 13 mm of steel, it is clearly not the thickest. But at the price you get decent security. Plus the manufacturers have used some other small mechanisms to make the bike secure.

This lock is recommended in areas where there are less bike theft crimes and also for the riders who travel long distances.


#3 Recommendation: Cocoweb Armbar U-Lock with LotusLock Bicycle Flex Cable

This is also a versatile U-lock, which can provide moderate to high security.

Multiple Security Features

Apart from the thick metal (14 mm) this also comes with PVC coating which protects your bike from damages that usually come along while using bike locks. The alloy steel provides excellent security and also prevents your bike from scratches. It makes use of 2 keys which makes it more secure.

The extended cable is long which gives you added flexibility and its diameter is large which makes the cable secure.

Quick Snap Carrier

This lock comes along with a carrier which makes the process of fastening and removing the lock from your bike, a lot simpler and quicker. The carrier also comes with PVC coating thus preventing your bike from scratches.

You get a lot of options plus apart from keeping your bike secure it makes sure that there are no scratches or dents on the bike after extensive use. Carrying different components, however, might cause some trouble. The length of the lock enables you to lock your bikes frame to its rack. At the price, you get maximum security and versatility from this lock.


#4 Recommendation: Kryptonite Keeper Integrated Chain Lock

This is the best chain lock available in the market. You can select a different length of the chain, but most prefer 32-inch.

The best feature if this lock is the 7mm thick four-sided chain links. This chain provides decent security to your bike. It is also made of manganese steel.

You get different coloured stealth, and the whole locking mechanism is not that complex. You can easily carry this lock due to its size and light weight.

In our test, we were unable to break this thing with bolt cutters. Kryptonite rates the security of this model as moderate. You can secure both the frame and wheels with this lock, and you get uniform thickness throughout its length. This bike lock can be used in safe areas where the chance of theft are less.


#5 Recommendation: Etronic Security Lock M4 Self-coiling lock

It is the cheapest lock available which uses a combination locking mechanism so you don’t have to take care of the keys.

The cable is 4 feet long which is enough to secure your bike frame. The coating on the coil makes this thing scratch resistant.

It is quite convenient to use since no keys are required. It weighs just at 0.3 pounds.

Obviously, you cannot expect high security from this model, but it serves it purpose in areas like convenience and ease of transport.

You can use it to secure your bike if it mostly parked in your house or safer areas.


#6 Recommendation: Kryptonite Kryptoflex 1218 Combo Lock

This is also a light weight convenient combo lock which comes with the Kryptonite trust. It is very light and can be transported easily. Also, it uses keyless locking mechanism so you don’t have to take care of the keys.

On the downside, it is not very secure and can be cut using tools; the cables are also twisted which add no purpose just add to the discomfort.

This lock can be used as a secondary lock for your bike.

Hiplock V1.50 Chain Lock

This is a modern chain lock which is wearable so you don’t need anything extra to carry the lock while riding. It comes in different sizes to accommodate different waist sizes. It is quite convenient to use. Thick 8mm steel chain is used which provides reasonable security.

However, this chain lock is quite heavy. It weights nearly 4 pounds which can make the rider uncomfortable after some time.

This lock is recommended for those who don’t like to carry anything for their locks and want convenient use. The security of this lock is not bad either.


The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Bike Locks

Earlier bike locks were considered just an extension of your bike but now they have become much more crucial. Speically, If you are riding somewhere, where you cannot leave your bike without the locks.

Bike Theft cases have been on the rise, thus having a bike lock is necessary. But since you have to carry your lock with you, so other than security a lot of factors need to be considered while choosing a bike lock.

There are different kinds of bike locks available.


They are the most used locks since they provide the highest level of security. They usually consist of a hard metal moulded in U Shape. The ends are connected to a crossbar which when locked form a D-shaped structure. Ideally, they should be small in size so that the thieves don’t have a large area to work with. Hard metal is used to prevent the lock from being cut easily.

Cable Locks

These are made of steel with a rubber coating and are usually longer than 2 feet. The ends of the cable are connected to a lock. Coiled cables are usually more secure. They are quite convenient to use.

Chain Locks

Such locks consists of a steel chain covered with a sheath. To provide security, the ends are connected to a padlock. The strength and the size of the chain vary from model to model. Chain locks are usually more versatile.

How to Choose the right Bike Lock?


Safety is easily the biggest factor while choosing a bike lock. Your lock should be strong enough that it not cut by simple tools. Sometimes the versatility of the bike lock can aid its security.


Securing bike components are also critical. You don’t want a bike with its front wheel stolen right? Versatile locks can safeguard two or more components of your bike. U-Locks which have flex cables attached are hands down the most versatile kind of bike locks.


Heavier models provide more security but are difficult to carry around. U-Shaped Locks are usually the heaviest because of the hard metal used. Cables can be quite convenient in this regard as they are light weight and thus easy to transport.


Nowadays this not a big factor but you can still consider it. Your lock should be easy to open and close. Locks which have keys take less time, but you have to take care of the key. Combinational locks spare you from this, but you still have to remember the code.

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