17 Fitness Hacks That Will Make Exercising Easier

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By Creative Innovation

Sticking to a daily workout routine can be hard. Well, here are 17 Fitness Hacks to cheat yourself into working out.

1. Start with one. One pushup, one minute run, one crunch. Don’t be hard on yourself. Start with what you can and you’ll find it fun as you improve.


2. Join a Group Workout. Crossfit, Zoomba, Spinning, whatevery appeals to you. It’s easier to workout when you’re not doing it alone.


3. Listen to a Motivational Audiobook >> Try “Wild” by Cheryl strayed.


4. Join an Expensive Gym. This is what worked for me. Premium gyms are typically a great place to meet amazing people. Moreover, It pains to skip your workout when you’ve already paid for it.


5. Set a long term goal. A half-marathon, or that devil’s circuit or the ironman, choose one and start preparing for it. When you have something big to aim for that can go as one of your lifetime achievements. It’s a HUGE MOTIVATOR!

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6. Too lazy to make a playlist? Get 8tracks!

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7. Get a trainer. Not sure how to do it right? Hiring a trainer is the ultimate fix! He’ll keep you accountable and help you figure out how to get going about your workout.


8. Use it as a stress-buster! Feel tired from sitting down on your desk all day? Leave your phone at home and go out for a run.


9. Dedicate time to working out. Making exercise as a part of your daily routine can make it almost involuntary. Just make sure you get yourself to do the first rep and the rest is easy as pie.


10. Get a road bike for your daily Commute!


11. Take up a sport. Playing sports as a team is a lot of fun and burns a lot of calories.


12. Get a fitness tracker. If you can track it, you can improve it.



13. Never miss two workouts in a row. It’s backed by science. You’re more likely to stick to a fitness routine if you don’t skip two workouts in a row. It’s okay to skip one though.


14. Get a standing desk. It’s trending.



15. Make a Chain. And Don’t break it. It’s gonna be hard for the first 15 days but then magic Happens. Read about the Seinfield method.


16. Limit your workout to short 30-45 minute bursts. Now, you do have time to work out!


17. Bet your friends $100. Who loses those extra 10 pounds faster, or who wins the half-marathon coming next month. Competing with your friends, not only for the money but for the pride is a huge motivator.


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