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Working out on a treadmill is perhaps the easiest way to burn calories by walking or running. The simple indoors exercise equipment provides an experience which is as natural as the outdoors one.

The good old machine however is not as simple as before. It has been modified in interesting ways to give the user a fun yet wholesome and rigorous workout session.

It’s time to move beyond the manual vs. motorized treadmill debate and focus on the latest improved versions the treadmill available in the market. Some of these are

Rock Climbing Treadmill

The Rock Climbing Treadmill has a continuously revolving face that enables endless vertical climbs. The revolving surface has hand and foot holds which allow the user to scale great heights in a challenging workout. An LED display is attached to the treadmill which shows time elapsed, distance climbed and calories burned.

The floor space required by this treadmill is just as much as required by a regular one. The user can adjust the treadmill according to their convenience.

The slope can be adjusted between 15 degrees to -49 degrees to help the user advance gradually from generous slopes to dizzying upside down climbs.

The hand and foot holds can also be adjusted to provide a range of potential positions for a whole body workout.

Aquatic Treadmill

Underwater treadmills have come up as a fun alternative to the land based treadmills. In fact people have achieved better results using an aquatic treadmill. Easy to install, these treadmills are available in both manual as well as motorised forms.

An aquatic treadmill allows exercise of all the muscles of the legs instead of using just a subset of leg muscles as in a traditional treadmill. Those looking for a full body workout underwater can easily alternate between swimming and walking or running.

Those who cannot indulge in a demanding land based workout due to some medical condition can also switch to an underwater one. Water’s natural buoyancy supports joints to encourage fast movement and less muscle soreness. The machine is uniquely designed with the highest quality material to prevent it from rusting when used underwater for longer periods.

Anti – Gravity Treadmill

Anti Gravity Treadmill is definitely the coolest of all. This treadmill is placed inside a bubble container. The user is supposed to enter this chamber keeping his or her upper body outside it, wearing a pair of compression shorts made of thin neoprene material.

Air is pumped into the container giving the user a feeling that he weighs 20% lighter than his actual weight. This allows the user to work out for longer hours with stress and fatigue getting greatly reduced.

An anti – gravity treadmill not only helps professionals to remarkably improve their fitness routine but has also helped in a faster recovery of people suffering from a leg injury.

The user can comfortably work for longer hours on this machine, improving his endurance much more than it is on traditional treadmill.

Mini – Folding Treadmill

A mini – folding treadmill can be understood as a smaller, simpler version of the regular treadmills. It comes handy for those beginners who do not have enough space for a luxurious home gym.

The treadmill folds easily to get stored under most beds. It weighs around 10 kg and when folded it reduces to the height of mere 12cm. Although small, it doesn’t compromise on strength and stability.

It comes with two locking bolts to ensure that it remains intact while in use or otherwise. One bolt is used to lock together the folded treadmill to prevent wear and tear while it is being stored beneath any furniture.

The other locking bolt is at the lower right hand corner which holds the treadmill upright when in use.

Treadmill Desk

The treadmill desk is an additional accessory for those who keep juggling between work and workout. The treadmill desk would let you balance both by allowing you to work while you are on a walk or a run.

It functions like any other office desk, just that you can fit it to your regular treadmill. The user can conveniently walk while meeting deadlines, taking a break from sitting for long hours at the desk.

Although the desk comes with the promise of making one healthier and productive at the same time, the practical problems of concentrating on work while walking and interacting with clients and colleagues while running cannot be ignored.


Such a range of treadmills will guarantee an exciting, rigorous and challenging exercise routine. Users can easily choose a treadmill that fulfills their needs and fits into their budget at the same time. These treadmills encourage a wholesome, healthy workout by giving the user an experience that goes beyond the confinements of his or her gym, from underwater to a mountain cliff and even office!!

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