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By Natalie Martin

It is estimated that 70 percent of Americans will begin a workout program at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, up to 80 percent will stop exercising in the first three months.

Gyms also report that up to 80 percent of the memberships sold are never used, though these numbers do vary depending on location and the season. Surprisingly, when a personal trainer is involved up to 85 percent of Americans stick with their workout program and start seeing positive results.

While there are several reasons why a personal trainer might seem unnecessary that include cost, scheduling conflicts and location, having one by your side does have its benefits.

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Why Personal Trainers Might Be Needed


A personal trainer is loosely defined as someone that is certified to guide others through the various exercises, and some even have experience with nutritional requirements and dietary supplements.

Even though personal trainers do charge a fee and you will be required to follow a set schedule, there are several reasons why you might want to have an experienced trainer push you through your daily workouts.

  1. Safety

There are literally a hundred different ways you can injure yourself at the gym, especially if you are just starting out. The various exercise machines can be dangerous if you don’t know how to properly use them, and this often results in injuries.

Experienced trainers will ensure that you are using the proper form when you are putting yourself through the various exercises, and this can also help prevent injuries. They will even monitor your heart rate and pulse, while providing helpful feedback on your strengths and limitations.

  1. Motivation

The main reason people stop working out is due to a lack of motivation, but this won’t be a problem with a personal trainer providing support and encouragement. Certified trainers will hold you accountable if you skip a workout, and they also provide structure. Sometimes this is all you need to stay motivated.

It is also important to remember that what motivates one person might not work for you. The best personal trainer will encourage you to put in 110 percent during every workout in a manner that motivates you. You might also find motivation in an experienced trainer that has accomplished the same goals you are trying to achieve.

  1. Personalized workout plan

Even with the wide variety of effective workout programs available, there might still be reasons why you need one specifically tailored just for you. This can include,

  • Pre-existing injuries
  • Illness and other health complications
  • Training for a specific event
  • Unique fitness goals (extreme weight loss, etc.)

An experienced trainer will work together with a licensed physician to create an effective workout plan that is safe and capable of helping you reach your fitness goals.

  1. Efficiency

This is one of the best reasons to consider taking advantage of the help offered by a personal trainer. Instead of wasting time on exercises that aren’t designed to give you the results you want, a top rated experienced trainer will create a workout plan that is best suited for you. This way you can stop wasting your time with ineffective workouts and start seeing positive results.

  1. Improve athletic and technical skills

Athletes often find that their performance improves after working with a personal trainer, though it is important to find the right one. The best certified trainer will be able to teach you new techniques, and incorporate specific exercises in your workouts that will help improve strength and endurance. Many athletes also report seeing an improvement in their agility and ability to focus after working with a personal trainer.

  1. Get over plateaus

One of the most frustrating aspects of working out is hitting a plateau. No matter how long or hard you diet and exercise, nothing seems to change. Instead of simply giving up, an experienced trainer can help you get over this hump. They will be able to design a workout plan that pushes your body so you can start seeing results again. Since motivation is usually at a low during plateaus, your personal trainer will ensure that you are inspired to continue to meet your fitness goals.

  1. Can workout effectively at home

If you don’t have time to go to the gym and participate in one of their organized classes, some personal trainers will come to your home. Even if you don’t have equipment, a qualified trainer will be able to plan a workout routine that will help you achieve the results you are looking for. Some will even bring the equipment with them so you can set up a temporary gym at home. It should be noted that the cost for a personal trainer at home will vary, depending on several factors that include,

  • Experience
  • Length and type of workout
  • If equipment is required
  1. Can establish realistic fitness goals

Even though a personal trainer will provide you with plenty of motivation, they will also ensure that you are trying to reach realistic fitness goals. They will help you understand that not everyone can obtain the same results, regardless of how hard they workout. Physical build, metabolism, age, and level of fitness will also play a role in what type of results you can realistically expect. Knowing this is important if you want to prevent injuries and improve your overall health.

Just because you started working out with a personal trainer this doesn’t mean that you have to stay with them. The best fitness trainers will provide you with a good foundation for building and changing your workout plan as needed so you can “go it alone”. Once you understand the basics of an effective workout plan, you should have the confidence to make any modifications on your own. Before you make any changes to your workout routine or start a new one, it is always best to speak with a licensed physician to ensure that it is safe for you.

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4 Questions to Ask a Personal Trainer


As we previously mentioned not all personal trainers are the same. To avoid choosing the wrong person to coach your through your workouts, there are a few basic questions you will want to ask.

  1. Is the personal trainer certified, and what are their qualifications? When it comes to certification this will vary, but there are a few things that every personal trainer should have. This includes
  • CPR certified
  • Certification from a recognized organization (YMCA, ACSM, IDEA, NSCA, etc.)
  • Education in athletic training, physiology, health promotion or a similar field.
  1. Does the personal trainer have insurance? You definitely want the personal trainer to carry liability insurance, especially if you are meeting them outside of an established gym. Accidents can happen, and you might be held financially responsible if the personal trainer is not insured. Even if the personal trainer is retained through a gym it is still important to make sure that they are fully insured when they are working with you on or off the property.
  2. What are their policies and procedures? The personal trainer should be able to provide you with a complete list of all their standard policies, along with the emergency procedures they are trained to follow. A medical clearance form should also be provided for your primary physician to fill out. Some of the policies that should be clearly outlined include,
  • Types of services provided
  • Cost
  • Length of the contract
  • What happens when there is a cancellation
  1. Is the personal trainer the right one for you? The most important question to ask is if the personal trainer is right for you. Not only must they able to help you achieve your specific fitness goals, but you also have to feel comfortable with them. Teaching styles will vary and what works great for one person might not give you the motivation you need, and this simply makes hiring a personal trainer a waste of your time and money.

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You Can Reach Your Fitness Goals with a Personal Trainer


With the right trainer motivating, supporting and encouraging you, reaching your fitness goals might be easier than you think. You do want to take your time and choose the right one, especially if you are new to working out. Whether you take advantage of one on staff at your local gym, hire one to meet you at home or find a top rated fitness trainer online, it could be just the tool you need to stay with your workout plan and successfully achieve your health and fitness goals.




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