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By Natalie Martin

Almost everyone has experienced it at least once in their lives, and more often or not the first thing they do is reach for a cup of coffee. Sagging energy levels in the afternoon is a common problem for adults, whether they go to the office or stay at home, and the best pick-me-up is not always a caffeinated beverage. Getting in a few minutes of cardio on your lunchbreak is a great way to boost energy levels, and one of the easiest ways is to use an elliptical machine.

Lunchtime Elliptical Workout

Lunchtime Elliptical Workouts


There are several advantages associated with spending 10 to 20 minutes on an elliptical at lunchtime that include boosting sagging afternoon energy levels. A short elliptical workout can also help improve cardiovascular and overall health, along with promote healthy weight loss. Studies have even shown that a brief afternoon workout can improve your overall mood, reduce stress and boost your immune system. This is a lot more than what you get with a cup of coffee or energy drink.

Before you rush to the nearest gym to fit in a lunchtime elliptical workout there are a few tips to remember.


  1. Bring a change of underwear.

Unless you are able to get in a lunchtime elliptical workout at home, you will probably be heading back to the office. While you have probably already thought about a t-shirt, pants, athletic shoes and even socks, chances are you didn’t think about a change of underwear. It really is important to change all of your clothing after an afternoon workout. Not only will your co-workers appreciate it, you will feel more comfortable as well.


  1. Increase Resistance

If you want to get the most out of a short lunchtime workout try increasing the intensity. One safe and effective way is to start off slow for the first 3 to 4 minutes, gradually increasing the speed. It is important to use the last few minutes of your workout to slow your pace back down. While this can give you amazing results, it is important that you first get approval from your primary health care provider before you make any changes to your workout plan.


  1. Stop Stretching

We are not actually telling you not to stretch out, but when you are only getting in a short workout on your lunchbreak you might be restricted by time. To make sure you have plenty of time to work out, freshen up and get back to your job on time you might want to save the stretching until you are at the office. Since you are probably rushing around after your workout you don’t have to worry about your muscles “locking up”. A few minutes of stretching once you’re settled in at work will be just as effective as if they were done at the gym.

Lunchtime Elliptical Workouts


If you work at home an elliptical workout in the afternoon is also a great way to boost your sagging energy levels, and chances are it will be a little more convenient for you. You can also find portable elliptical machines that are great for the office, and make it even easier for busy professionals to get in some cardiovascular exercise.

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