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By Creative Innovation

Meet David…

I’m a 27 year old law student currently finishing my last semester at Hofstra Law on Long Island. I’m from Westchester, NY (specifically Chappaqua). I collect and love Nintendo products/games and watches, and have a house rabbit named Rocky.

I was basically fat my whole life. I was always the typical “fat friend” of the group, but I had high levels of confidence and loved myself, so I never really let it get me down.

Once I started suffering certain health issues, I realized I wasn’t as happy as I thought I was, and I was able to see through my own lies that I told myself, and realize I needed to change.


What was your lifestyle like prior to your transformation?

My lifestyle was food-centered for a large part of it, to be honest. I would eat constantly out of boredom, laziness, or just pure unadulterated gluttony. I would go to McDonald’s and a typical order would be 4 dollar-menu hamburgers, 4 dollar-menu fries, and 4 4-piece nuggets.

I’d eat this all in my car immediately, then go home and order $40 worth of Chinese food an hour later and eat it all. I’d literally stuff myself until I couldn’t eat anymore, because I figured, “why not?” I’d eat all day, including in bed before falling asleep.

The number of times I fell asleep with open bags of chips/cookies are more than I could count. I never realized how terrible/disgusting it was until after I started my transformation, but now I’m still a bit ashamed of myself.

Where does your motivation come from?

My motivation came from a health-scare wakeup call. I got diagnosed with a heart condition called Premature Ventricular Contractions (PVCs).

They are extra beats in the heart, and luckily my case is supposed to be benign in the long run, but there’s no telling why or how they started and they will likely be with me for life.

I had terrible sleep apnea when I was fat, and some doctors think that could have caused it. I was also diagnosed with acid reflux disease, and I would get crippling heartburn after ANY meal, even if it was a single piece of lettuce!

After I got diagnosed with the PVCs, I looked at myself in the mirror and, for one of the first times, saw the real me that everyone saw: a disgustingly fat selfish man.

I knew I had to change. 


What does your daily diet look like?

When I first started, I started hardcore, which is typical for me. One thing I must say is that I have extraordinary willpower and always have: if I decide to do something, I do it, and I put that willpower to work here.

I ate literally 1000 calories per day for about 5 months. I’d eat a fiber granola bar for breakfast, a large handful of low-sodium mixed nuts for lunch, and a Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers frozen meal for dinner.

I did this. every. single. day. No exceptions.

I didn’t mind eating the same general food every day, and I wanted real results.

After 5 months, I started adding 100 calories per month, until I got to my current diet of 1750 calories per day, which I eat now to maintain my weight of 159 pounds.

A typical day for me is a lot of small meals throughout the day. My typical day is a morning Egg Beaters omelette with spinach, broccoli, and cauliflower, snacks of broccoli/cauliflower and frozen berries, beef/turkey jerky, lunch of a turkey sandwich with carrots, more snacks of greek yogurt and broccoli/cauliflower, and then for dinner I’ll have healthier versions of foods I loved when I was fat (i.e. turkey hot dogs with low-cal bread for the buns).

1750 calories seems like not too much, but when you make healthier choices overall, you eat more than you can believe!

For more, check out my MyFitnessPal page for my daily food intake.


What workout routine has worked best for you?


It’s the only thing that works for everyone, every time, no matter what.

The fact is that if you eat less calories than you burn, you WILL lose weight. Once I realised this, it was a game-changer.

Plus you can eat whatever you want and still lose weight, as long as you keep in your calorie goal!

How has your life changed since the transformation?

It has changed in every way imaginable. I wake up every day feeling good. I never get heartburn. I don’t have to wear a sleep apnea mask (CPAP machine) when I sleep anymore.

I wear tight clothes and look good in them. I go to the gym and lift weights every day.

I’m happy. I’m healthy. I don’t have to lie to myself anymore. It was so worth it.


Any noticeable difference in the quality of your life?

I cured myself of sleep apnea and acid reflux disease through my weight loss. Further, my blood pressure went from being high to actually being a tad low! I am healthy and happy.

Favorite Quote:

My favorite quote is from Mozart, who I happen to share a birthday with. It’s about music (I’m a musician. A pianist, to be specific), but it also reminds me that anyone can do anything if they really want to:

“Musical composition is the easiest thing in the world; you simply write down the music you hear in your head!”

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