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By Natalie Martin

It’s not uncommon to see people lifting weights in everything from tennis shoes to their bare feet. Some weightlifting enthusiasts might tell you that the shoes really don’t matter, as long as they are comfortable to wear. This isn’t necessarily true.

There are a few reasons why you might not want to underestimate the importance of weightlifting shoes


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Top Benefits of Weightlifting Shoes


When you are shopping for a pair of weightlifting shoes, it is vital that you know your foot size. Just like with any type of athletic shoes, the fit affects everything from comfort and safety to performance. You also won’t get any of the benefits associated with wearing weightlifting shoes during your workouts.

  1. Enhanced posture.

Weightlifting shoes can make it easier for you to hold a proper posture throughout the lifts. Not only will this help prevent injuries, having the right form is crucial in competition scoring. This is true whether you are performing compound or Olympic lifts.

The reason for this benefit is due to the elevated heel, and it can vary depending on the shoe. When you are trying to decide on heel elevation, longer legs typically need higher heels on their weightlifting shoes.

  1. Increased stability.

One of the main complaints about weightlifting shoes is the hard base. Typically constructed from wood, plastic or a combination, there is an excellent reason why you want the shoe’s base to be firm.

A firm base provides a stable surface to land on, and this can prevent a number of injuries. The increased stability can also give you a sense of security, making it easier for you to maintain your posture.

  1. Added power.

Power is important in weightlifting. If you can’t develop the power you need, you’ll never be able to reach any weightlifting goals. Without, you are also increasing your risk for injuries.

The top-rated weightlifting shoes by experienced trainers are constructed from leather, rubber or come with a plastic type coating. The sturdy material provides your feet and ankles with plenty of support, and this is important when you are lifting heavier weights.

It also works with the firm base so you can “spread the floor”, and safely develop the power you need to work your way to heavier weights.

  1. Better mobility.

When you combine the elevated heel, firm base and ankle support you get with weightlifting shoes, you can improve your mobility. The shoes are designed to improve mobility in the ankles, knees and hips, and this can also increase power.

Limited mobility in the ankles and hips is one of the main causes for a decrease in power during squats and Olympic lifts.

  1. Enhanced safety.

A piece of gear that helps prevent injuries is always worth considering. Almost every aspect of a weightlifting shoes is designed with comfort and safety in mind. The firm base and supportive construction help to prevent many common foot and ankle injuries. Since it is easier to maintain proper posture, injuries to the shoulders and hips are also prevented.

  1. Personalized gear.

You can still have personal style and wear weightlifting shoes. These shoes are now available in a myriad of colors and patterns. Some weightlifting shoes manufacturers, will even allow you to customize your pair.

While custom weightlifting shoes do cost more than other pairs, it could make a nice reward when you reach your goals.

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Are Weightlifting Shoes Worth It?


Overall, weightlifting shoes are worth it and they shouldn’t be underestimated. This doesn’t mean that you have to give up barefoot weightlifting, only that switching to the right pair of shoes might be something to consider.

There are several benefits that come with wearing weightlifting shoes, the most important being the prevention of injuries. It also doesn’t hurt the weightlifting shoes can improve your power and performance, both of which you need if you want to achieve your workout goals.

If you’re not sure if weightlifting shoes are the right choice for you, an experienced trainer will be able to answer your questions.



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