Elliptical Accessories – Which Ones Should You Consider?

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By Natalie Martin

When it comes to accessories and ellipticals, these exercise machines already come with everything you need to get started so you don’t have to purchase extra gear. While you may not actually need any of these accessories they are nice to have. Some can even help to extend the life of the elliptical, while others can help make your workouts more effective and even enjoyable. Even though these might not be “essential” accessories, they are still something that you should consider.


Elliptical Accessories

Elliptical Accessories

Elliptical Mat

There are three reasons why you might want to consider purchasing a floor mat for your elliptical.

  • Protect your floor from scuff marks, scratches and carpet pulls.
  • Provide additional stability, especially if the elliptical is on carpet.
  • Reduces noise and also helps to absorb vibrations.

Best of all elliptical mats are affordably priced. If you’re working out a gym you probably won’t need a floor mat.


Reading Rack/TV Stand

While this is a big pet peeve for some experienced trainers, adding a reading rack or TV stand is a great way to relieve boredom during your workouts. This is also the main reason why many trainers won’t let their clients use them. They often believe if a workout is boring, it is time to increase the intensity level. This may not always suit everyone’s fitness level or goals.

You probably won’t want to attach a reading rack to an elliptical at the gym or setup a TV stand, which means you don’t have to worry about upsetting any trainers. These accessories are also affordable, and incredibly easy to setup on your elliptical at home.


Heart Rate Monitor

Some ellipticals come with heart rate monitors in the moveable handles, but almost all are compatible with portable models. Simply put on the chest strap and sync it with the console and you’ll be able to receive accurate heart rate readings throughout your workout. This way you have another tool to track your progress, and it can also make it easier for you to pinpoint areas where you might need to make some changes.


Elliptical Care Kit

One of the best elliptical accessories is a cleaning and care kit since it can prolong the life of the machine, and keep it functioning optimally. These relatively inexpensive kits typically come with silicone spray, 3-in-1 oil and treadmill cleaner. While you can buy these products separately, it really is more cost effective when you purchase them in an elliptical care kit.

Elliptical Accessories


You might also want to consider

While reading racks and TV stands can get some experienced trainers aggravated, very few have a problem with headphones or earbuds. Even reversing the motion of the pedals might not be enough to prevent boredom, but this can usually be avoided if you are listening to your favorite tunes. Whether it is music, a talk show or even a recording of an experienced trainer, being able to “zone out” will make your daily workouts fly by.

If you do decide on headphones or earbuds you will want to make sure that they are at least resistant to sweat and moisture. This will help ensure that they will be able to last through your toughest elliptical training sessions.


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