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Rowing is an excellent exercise that helps you to burn up to 1000 calories in one hour. It provides the athletes with full-body workout session by engaging every major muscle groups of their body.

You can perform various productive cardiovascular exercises with the First Degree Fitness Newport Challenge Adjustable Resistance that will help you to evade several types of medical conditions such as heart attacks, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, strokes, and other similar conditions.

This machine includes water tank which creates a highly realistic rowing motion. Consequently, users will be able to experience the feeling of rowing through a real waterway, something that attracts enthusiastic outdoors rowers.

Newport Water Resistance Rower

About the Company

First Degree Fitness is one of the very few companies that have taken the initiative to apply Fluid Technology in their rowing machine, which ensures more realistic rowing motion.

Unlike other water based models, First degree Model rowers allow its user to easily switch between different levels of resistance to add some more variations to their working out session. With this technology, you’ll also experience the sensation of realism due to soothing sound of water sloshing in the tank.

Moreover, this company offers a wide range of rowing machines so that you can easily select the one that suits your budget and fitness level.

Product Features 

First Degree Fitness Newport Challenge AR uses water resistance which is the most efficient types of resistance technique in the industry.

To adjust the resistance level, user can add or decrease the water level; as a result the fuller the tank is, the more effort you will have to apply for rowing.

The tank should have minimum of 9 litres water and can hold around 17 litres of water at max. It is very easy to adjust the water level; all you have to do is flip the valve control and it will manoeuvre the water from inner tank to outer tank of the machine.

This allows both novices and experienced users to use the machine according to their need and comfort level, therefor making most out of it.

Water tank is prudently manufactured using the super-resistance polycarbonate shell that is boosted by a triple-bladed stainless steel oar. This assures the durability of the machine, making it last many years if not for life, provided the machine is handled with proper care and maintenance. It is extremely easy to use this particular model, irrespective of the fact that you are an experienced user or not.

The display of this model is large and is integrated with fully programmable computer that will help you keep track of significant fitness-related data to easily assess your long-term development.

It displays all of the workout related information about tempo signal, time, strokes count per minute, distance, calories count per hour, interval training and 500m split time, among others.

It also includes heart rate monitor that especially helps the elderly to keep check on their heart rate and avoid overdoing it.

This feature is also very useful for the professional athlete who wants to track their performance.

Product specification

  • Resistance Type: Water
  • Maximum User Weight: 300 pounds
  • Heart Rate Monitor: Yes
  • Dimensions: 78 x 21 x 20″
  • Weight: 60 pounds

Newport Challenge AR

Comfort And Ease of Use

The Newport Challenge ensures a smooth movement during the entire duration of your workout session because of its low-friction Air-Glide Delrin seat rollers. The pull oars of the machine are enhanced by a triple blade impeller system which ensures a highly robust and steady pull and push motion during rowing training. This further helps you to improve your rowing stroke.

The methodical designed seat is well padded to make sure that you train for longer duration of time with very little or no discomfort. The foam packed handle ensures an easy and firm grip even when your fingers get slippery.

The pull cord is reputed for its durability and solid built that can easily withstand heavy-duty use. The cord only requires very little oiling to make it completely appropriate for daily use.

High-quality anodized aluminum is used for making seat rail that can resist rust and wear-and-tear. This rowing machine is very space efficient and can be easily stored in and upright position.

Assembly and Parts

First Degree Fitness Newport Challenge AR is very simple and easy to setup, in fact it takes around half an hour or even less to assemble the different parts.

All the required tools and accessories are included in the boxed package. Customer also receives an illustrated instructions manual to facilitate the beginners through the assembly process.


This is a great water based rowing machine that will surely help you to get into shape. Its water tank resistance feature makes it different from other rowing machines in the market.

If you want to experience an exciting and gym-quality workout session then First Degree Fitness Newport Challenge AR is highly recommended.

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