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By Natalie Martin

Working out on an elliptical is a great way to get in a full cardio workout, and if used properly these machines can give you amazing results. Unfortunately the repetitive stepping motion that an elliptical requires can also result in foot pain, and if left untreated it could sideline your daily cardio workouts. Here are a few tips on how to avoid foot pain when you are using an elliptical machine.


How to Avoid Foot Pain On An Elliptical

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  1. The Right Shoes

According to licensed podiatrist Patrick J. Nunan it is important to support your feet when you are using an elliptical. Even though you are probably working out indoors, possibly at home, you still want to wear a pair of supportive athletic shoes. This is especially important if you have low arches or flat feet since this will make you more susceptible to excessive pronation.

Shoes designed to provide plenty of support will help with foot placement during your workouts, and this can relieve pain in your feet due to pronation. It also has the added advantage of making your workouts more effective so you can successfully reach your fitness goals.

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  1. Don’t Forget to Stretch

Stretching before any workout is always advisable, according to experienced trainers, and this includes the elliptical. Stretching out the bottoms of your feet will minimize your risk for foot pain and injury. It can also help prevent the painful cramps that can occur during an intensive cardio workout. One tip to remember when you are stretching your feet is that you should feel it along the bottom of each foot. A quick, easy and effective method is to interlock your fingers through your toes, using them to flex your toes. It only takes a few minutes to effectively stretch out the tendons in your feet, and when you make it through the workout without any pain you’ll be glad that you did.

Avoid Foot Pain On An Elliptical


  1. Make Sure You Are Using The Elliptical Properly

One of the most common causes of foot pain on an elliptical occurs when the machine isn’t used properly. Experienced trainers recommend placing your feet flat on the pedals, and not on your toes. When you are using your toes to “push off” you run the risk of injuring the connective tissue found in the bottom of your feet. Overtime this can cause plantar fasciitis to develop, according to the American Council on Exercise. If you’re not sure if you are using an elliptical machine properly an experienced trainer will be able to help.


An elliptical machine can give you an effective cardio workout and since it is considered to be low impact, it is also safer than many other forms of exercise. Though this is only true when you use the machine properly. If you want to avoid foot pain, and other problems, we do recommend that you pay close attention to how you are using the elliptical. If you are experiencing foot pain it is a good idea to speak to a licensed podiatrist or general physician.



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