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By Natalie Martin

Even though an elliptical is one of the most effective and safest ways to get a full cardio workout, it doesn’t take long for some people to start getting a little bored. Cardio is often thought of as a “necessary evil” by many fitness enthusiasts simply because it is usually repetitive, and this typically leads to boredom. Unfortunately, this is also the only real downside to working out on an elliptical. The good news is that there are a few things you can do to prevent boredom, even if you are stuck in on an elliptical and this can help ensure that you stick with your cardio training.


How to Prevent Boredom on an Elliptical


These tips might not work for everyone, and some people don’t need any help preventing boredom. If you are like thousands of other elliptical users who are tired of the same daily exercise routine, one of these following tips might be able to get you excited about working out on an elliptical machine.

Prevent Boredom On An Elliptical

  1. Music

If you’re not already working out with a pair of headphones, iPod or even MP3 player you might want to try it. Listening to music is a great way to relieve boredom and make your workout go a little faster. When you are listening to your favorite tunes time seems to fly, and before you know it you’ve gotten in an effective cardio workout without once counting the seconds and minutes until it is over. Obviously you will want to watch the volume setting on your headphones and other portable devices. Not only to ensure you’re not disturbing others, but to also prevent hearing damage or loss.

Prevent BOredom On An Elliptical

  1. Watch TV

While this is a big pet peeve among experienced trainers that believe your focus should be on your exercise routine, catching up on your favorite TV shows can relieve boredom and make your elliptical workouts go a little faster. Even if the elliptical isn’t in the same room as your entertainment center, you can still watch TV on a tablet or laptop. One of the most popular elliptical accessories is an inexpensive TV stand. Lightweight, easy to set up in front of the elliptical and designed to securely hold your portable devices, this is one of the best ways to prevent boredom.

Preventing Boredom On An Elliptical


  1. Try Interval Training

This might not be practical for everyone, but incorporating interval training into your workouts can effectively relieve boredom. Interval training is simply breaking your daily workout down into segments, typically 10 minute sessions until you reach your required exercise time. This means that if you normally “push the pedals” on an elliptical for a ½ hour, you would break it down into three 10 minute sessions. Since you are spending less time on the elliptical the chances of you becoming bored are significantly decreased.

Preventing Boredon On An Elliptical


  1. Play with the Elliptical

Almost all of the top rated elliptical machines come with features and functions that will allow you to make changes to your regular workout. Whether it is adjusting the resistance and incline or simply putting the elliptical into “reverse”, making a few changes can relieve boredom and even increase the effectiveness of your workout. Some ellipticals even come with preprogrammed workouts, and simply selecting a different one might be all that you need to make your daily exercise routines fun and exciting again.


These are only a few tips that can help prevent boredom, and they all might not work for you. While making minor changes to your workout is one of the best ways to prevent boredom, it is also important to first speak with your primary health care provider to ensure that it will be safe for you.

For additional ideas on how to keep elliptical workouts from becoming too boring you can also take advantage of some of the great ideas posted online. Experienced trainers, friends and family that use an elliptical can be great sources of ideas, and they may even have a few helpful tips.



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