Is Using An Elliptical At Home Just As Effective As The Gym?

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By Natalie Martin

An ongoing debate among fitness enthusiasts, experienced trainers and others just looking to improve their overall health is whether elliptical home workouts are as effective as using an exercise machine at the gym. The answer is “yes” you can get the same results at home if you follow a regimented workout plan, along with a healthy low fat diet. Before you decide to forego a gym membership there are a few factors you’ll want to consider to ensure elliptical workouts at home are the right choice for you.



There is no denying that working out at home on an elliptical is more convenient. You don’t have to worry about fighting your way through traffic just to get to the gym, and then there is the problem of finding the time to even work out. When you are working out on an elliptical at home, these are problems you won’t have to deal with. Best of all you won’t have to leave your house to exercise when the weather is bad.


Crowds     Elliptical Workouts At Home

Not everyone is comfortable exercising around other people and if this applies to you, a home elliptical workout might be the best choice for you. Along with being able to get in a full cardio workout in the comfort and privacy of your home, you also have the benefit of never having to wait in line to use the elliptical. It is not uncommon for there to be long lines for certain exercise machines at the gym, but this won’t be a problem for you.



Working out on an elliptical at home will save time since you don’t have to go to the gym, but it also ensures that you can finish your daily exercises. Some training programs can take up to 45 minutes to properly complete, and this is a problem since most gyms won’t allow their members to use the equipment for that length of time. Typically gyms enforce a 20 to 25 minute time limit, and when most elliptical workouts take at least a half an hour you won’t be able to finish your exercise routine. Not only will this make it harder for you to see results, it can also increase your risk for injury.


Machine Maintenance/Quality

Even though most gyms do purchase top rated exercise equipment and have a maintenance staff on hand, this still doesn’t ensure the elliptical’s safety or quality. Since you are not the only one using the elliptical there is an increased risk for exposure to germs and bacteria, and this could cause health problems. Since you are probably the only one using the elliptical at home, you will know that it is clean and sanitary. You will also know the machine’s maintenance schedule ensuring that it is safe for you to use.



While it is true that you can find a greater variety of cardio workout programs at the gym, this does not necessarily apply to the elliptical. Many of today’s top rated models come with several preprogrammed workout plans so you can easily add variety to your exercise routines at home. Thanks to the growing popularity of ellipticals, you can also find several safe and effective workouts online that will help you meet almost any fitness goal.



What is perhaps the biggest advantage of using an elliptical at home is its affordability. Most ellipticals come with everything you need to get started so all you pay is the cost of the machine. There are elliptical accessories that can be added later, but this will be entirely up to you. When you join a gym there is the initial membership fee, but in most cases this is just the start. Personal training will cost extra, along with any structured exercise classes. Additional fees can also come up during the year, and by the time you are finished it might have been more cost effective to simply buy an elliptical for your home.


Whether you work out at a gym or home, it is possible to get the same results on an elliptical. One advantage that a gym has is that it usually keeps experienced trainers on staff. They are there to ensure that you are using the exercise machines properly, and this can be extremely helpful if you are a beginner. You can find elliptical workouts for beginners online, and this is recommended if you want to get the most out of your home workouts without increasing your risk for injury. It is also a good idea to get advice from an experienced trainer or your primary health care provider before you start any elliptical workout regardless of where it is at.

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