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We “finally” got to reviewing this beast of a machine and if you’re looking for a short answer then here it is : Love at first sight.  Check out our other rowing machine reviews here.

If you’ve got the budget for it and you’re dead serious about your training then Keiser M3 Plus is a no-brainer.

While there are other good options like the Sb900, there is no other indoor cycle that offers the kind of performance, comfort and tech that the Keiser M3 Plus has to offer.

Keiser M3 Plus Features

Initial Impression

At face value, Keiser M3+ features a sleek design and the bike just radiates of premium bike. The Indoor cycle features a minimalistic design, it is compact and takes little space.

The build quality this bike has to offer is unmatched and Keiser has maintained it’s legacy with this one when it comes to a quality design.


Magnetic resistance baby! Well, if you’re looking for an indoor cycle that feature a magnetic resistance then Keiser M3+ is the cheapest one out there.

The bike features 24 levels of resistance which you can control via onboard computer (more on that later). However, what I personally loved about the bike is that it does not make the disturbing noise that is inherent with the traditional flywheel indoor bikes.

Moreover, thanks to it’s magnetic resistance, the riding is experience is smooth and you do not experience the unnecessary friction and jerks that are one might feel with a flywheel resistance.

Computer Display

This is the control center of the bike and while there isn’t much appealing or extraordinary about the computer, it offers everything you need to control and track your workout.

Apart from giving you complete control of the resistance levels, you can track the calories burnt, distance travelled, pedalling RPMs, etc with it.


The bike is fully adjustable, from the handlebars to the seat. It’s not something that isn’t expected from a bike of such stature, however, it’s good to know that everybody you know can use this bike.


While the bike is top notch in terms of features. It is definitely not built for the faint of heart. It’s priced at a premium but for all the right reasons.

However, if you’re someone who values his fitness and workout experience more than money then you don’t have to think twice before getting the M3+.


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