Sole with its indoor spinning bikes has managed to bring features that are usually present in high end bikes to relatively cheaper bikes (Below 1000$). The SB700 is one such bike that offers solid workout performance, good design, comfort and sturdy construction.

Here is our review for the Sole Fitness SB700.

4.5 Overall
Max User Weight
Height Range
Handle Bar & Seat Adjustability

A Complete Workout Machine!

When you spend more than 500$ for a fitness equipment you want to get a great workout from that, and with the SB700 this is exactly what you get.

It provides the quality of workout you usually expect in a gym. This is because of its resistance. Even though it isn’t magnetic, it does a great job to make the cycling session challenging for you. The 48 pound flywheel is enough to make you sweat. Apart from that you can also alter the resistance with the help of a knob. At its maximum level it takes quite an effort to move the pedals.

We recommend to set lower levels of resistance for the first few workouts. Also never start a session with resistance set at its maximum value, gradually increase it with time.

Comfortable and Convenient!

In order to sustain a heavy workout you want the machine to be comfortable. With the SB700 you get a comfortable seat with padding at the right areas.

Next you can adjust the handlebar and the seat position according to your convenience making this machine more accommodating.

It also has a Backlit LCD screen displaying various parameters like distance, calories burnt etc. It is also compatible with a wireless heart rate monitor.

Finally if you wish to move this bike you can do it with ease thanks to the transportation wheels. However it is on the heavier side, so be careful while doing it

Appealing Sturdy Construction

The Sole Fitness SB700 is a good looking bike. It would look nice in your home gym owing to its bright colours. The machine overall is quite durable. The stand is able to bare heavy weights so even if you are overweight (Weight Capacity = 300 pounds) you won’t experience any stability issues. The manufacturers offer lifetime warranty for the frame

The only part which lacks the durability are the pedals but they can be replaced if you are not satisfied. 


We experienced that the LCD screen sometimes used to flicker and stop showing anything even when we continued to peddle. Maybe this is an issue just with the bike we received.

Second the pedals could have been of better quality. Even though they fit nicely with the help of straps, you can feel that don’t provide good support.

Finally this bike is a bit difficult to assemble. It will take some time and you should follow the manual. Also while doing so take care of the heavy components like the flywheel.

Overall it is good exercise bike. If you can’t afford the high end magnetic resistance bikes, yet want great workouts you can surely buy this.

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