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Stamina 1215 Orbital is a budget rowing machine which helps you to reinstate your fitness or tone up your overall body.

It is a hydraulic resistance rower which uses piston to generate tension level to challenge your muscles, consequently enhancing your metabolism. You can control the resistance level by moving the pistons that are placed on both the handle with the help of black tension knobs.

This rowing machine is packed with some handy features like dual rower handles, central console, tension knob and some more that allows both beginners and more experienced users to benefit from it equally. It is so effective that exercising on this machine for an hour can help you to burn around 500 calories.

Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine

About Company

Stamina Product Inc. is a renowned company that manufactures cutting edge, innovative and quality fitness equipment.

It was established in 1987. This company is acclaimed for providing world-class products at an affordable price and superb aftersales service.

They manufacture wide variety of fitness equipment such as AeroPilates, Bikes, Ellipticals, Steppers and others along with the Rowers.

Other popular rowers manufactured by Stamina are Air Rower 1399 and Avari Programable.

Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine Features and Benefits:

Technical Specifications

  • Resistance: Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Tension: Adjustable
  • Product Dimensions: 48 x 32.5 x 27.75”
  • Product weight: 52 lbs
  • Foot plates: Rotating
  • Incline: Yes
  • Storage: Folding option
  • Rowing Motion: Sculling
  • Materials: Aluminum, steel and plastic
  • Weight Bearing ability: 250lbs
  • Warranty: 5 years on frame , 90 days on parts,


Product Features

The most striking feature of this rowing machine is that it has two rowing handles, unlike most of the other rowers that have only one pulling handle. This allows the user to experience the natural and real orbital rowing action of the oars. However, it may take some time for users to get used to it, especially those who have used the other rowers before. This orbital rowing action helps to tone up few extra muscles of the shoulder, upper back and chest which are generally ignored in classic rower.

Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing MachineAnother distinctive feature of this rower is the rotating foot plates. These plates help the user to adjust their body into an appropriate and comfortable position which boosts their workout performance.

Also the seats are well padded to increase the comfort level for the user allowing them to work out for longer period of time.

It is made up of a strong aluminum strut which makes the rower very steady, even under the extreme workout session.

This strong and steady frame of this machine also makes it very silent while functioning. It does not make any irritating rumbling and squeaking noises which allow the user to fully concentrate on the training. Also user can enjoy music or movie while rowing without any disturbance.

This rowing machine includes five resistance levels which serves the different purpose in the training program. Athlete can start with lower levels for warming up the body and then can level up the resistance for more intense workout.

The highest resistance level can be very challenging, even for the most committed athlete and may require lots of effort but it will also make the muscles stronger and will improve the metabolism.

These different resistance levels make this rower suitable for both novice and experienced users.

Keeping the safety of the user in mind this machine is designed prudently, so as to avoid any unnecessary injuries or strains to muscles and joints even under strenuous workout session.

Orbital Rower comes equipped with multi-functional monitor that helps you to keep track of your workout performance. The monitor displays all the workout-related statistics like time, calories burned, stroke count, stroke rate, speed, distance covered etc. You can operate this monitor with single button and its “scan” option, rotates the statistics showing each stat for 6 seconds.


Easy to Use

As you have read above this rower consists of many features which makes it very comfortable and easy to use for all types of users, even for the ones who have never ever used a rower before.

This rowing machine is designed to accommodate users of different body shapes. The users with huge body or very tall height can also use this rower without any problem.

The handles are evenly covered with foam which ensures the firm grip on the handles even if your hands get all sweaty and slippery, hence allowing user to continually workout for long duration of time without any stoppage.

Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine

Parts and Assembly

This rowing machine is very easy to set up and can easily be put together with in half an hour.

If you have any trouble while assembling it up, just refer to the well-illustrated guide which is included in the boxed- package.

All the tools and accessories required to assemble this rower are also provided with the package.



Stamina 1215 Orbital is a quality Rowing Machine which comes at a very reasonable price. It is relatively smaller and lighter than other rowing machines which make it very easy to move and store.

This machine offers very effective and challenging full body workout and is very highly recommended to those who wants to get toned up body by working out in their houses.

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