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By Natalie Martin

Ellipticals are gaining in popularity with teens and this is raising some concerns among parents. According to the American Medical Association not all types of exercise are safe for teens, and there are a few reasons why. A teenager’s body is still growing and developing, and this obviously includes their muscles and bones. In some cases this can make teens a little more susceptible to injury.

Thankfully, this is not the case concerning elliptical machines and teens.

Teens And Ellipticals


Teens and Ellipticals


Elliptical machines are designed to provide a low impact cardio workout, and this means that teens don’t have to worry about putting undo pressure on their joints. Elliptical workouts are also a good way for teens to improve their overall health, and this can result in benefits that will last them for the rest of their lives.

Working out for 20 or 30 minutes a few times a week on an elliptical can help teenagers maintain a healthy weight, boost energy and improve their strength and endurance. Teenage athletes can also take advantage of the safe and effective cardio workout they get from an elliptical. Some sports therapists even recommend that teen athletes work out on an elliptical while they are recovering from an injury.

It is important that parents first get approval from a licensed physician before letting their teenager start an elliptical workout routine, especially if they are recovering from an injury.

Teens And Ellipticals

Elliptical Safety


Ellipticals are considered “safe” exercise machines, and they are capable of providing teens with a low impact cardio workout. Even though this comes with plenty of healthy benefits, some parents still worry about their teen’s safety. This won’t be a problem as long as the teen knows how to use the elliptical properly, and here are a few tips to help them stay safe.

Don’t over speed

This can be a problem with teens since they naturally have a lot of energy. Some of them might also feel the need to show off, and this can lead to over pedaling. Trying to pedal an elliptical at a pace suitable for a fast sprint will often lead to injuries. This is especially true if the elliptical comes with a wheel and ramp design. Pedaling to fast can cause the wheel to jump the track, and this usually results in the teen being thrown off of the machine.

Even if it doesn’t cause any injuries being thrown from an elliptical will be painful.


Don’t stop suddenly

Teens can also find themselves being tossed from an elliptical if they stop pedaling suddenly. These exercise machines are not designed for sudden stops, instead teens should slow down gradually. The reason for this is simple, an elliptical in motion is creating inertia which does not instantly dissipate when the pedals are quickly stopped.


Don’t overdo it

It is not uncommon for teens to feel like they are invincible, and this often carries over into their workouts. Even though an elliptical is considered a low impact cardio machine, it is still possible for teens and even adults to push themselves to hard. Parents that are worried about their teen over exercising might want to take advantage of the “timer” feature included on some elliptical machines. It will track the duration of the workout and emit an alarm with the preset time limit is reached.

This simple function can help prevent teens from overdoing it on an elliptical, while the alarm will still make them feel like they accomplished something.


If you are still concerned about your teen’s safety on an elliptical your primary health care provider can give you additional advice.




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