The 7 Minutes Full-Body HIIT Workout

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Too busy to workout? Well, if you’ve been using it as an excuse for not working out then you’ll have to find a new one. However, if you’re someone who’s actually short on time, we’ve got something cool to share with you.

The fitness experts at Grokker, Jenny Pacey and Wayne Gorden, recently released a video featuring a 7 minute High Intensity Interval Training Workout with 13 different body movements to get your heart racing, improve strength and leave you catching your breath.

It is the perfect workout for the busy ones.

Make sure you do some kind of light cardio like jumping jacks or jumping ropes, before your workout to warm up your body and stretch all your muscle groups after you are done with the quick HITT workout. The warm up will prevent any injuries during the workout, while the stretching will keep your muscles from getting stiff.

Here’s a quick rundown of the 13 exercises that you need to complete within 7 minutes, one set each.

1. Cardio Cossack

2. Spider Push-Up and Tick Tock

3. Reverse Lunge, Leg Extension, Curtsy

4. Diagonal Burpee

5. Tuck Crunch and Rolling Leg Lift

6. Torpedo Row

7. Long Jump and Run Back

8. Tricep Hip Lift to Shoulder Tap

9. Diagonal Squat and Rocket Jump

10. Half Turkish Get-Up

11. Kneel and Tuck Jump

12. Skydive, Push-Up, T-Pose

13. Mountain Climbers