Congrats on making the commitment towards YOUR 12-Week Body Transformation!

The 12 Week Program is divided into 3 Phases and each phase will help you push yourself a little more as you progress in both strength and stamina.

Phase 1 : Week 1-3

Phase 2: Week 4-7

Phase 3 : Week 8-12

Not sure how to do a particular workout ??

Worry not! We’ve curated a complete set of instructional videos on how to perform every single exercise with right form that is mentioned in the 12-Week workout Program.

Check it out and Bookmark it (Ctrl+ D on windows and Command + D on Mac):

==> 12 Week Body Transformation Workout Guide

If you need some inspiration getting off the ground, here are some fitness transformation stories that continue to inspire our team and our tribe:

1. How Diedre Went from Being 200lbs to Losing 63 lbs and Running two half marathons!

2. How Bjartur Gained 17.6 lbs of Muscles with 4 Weeks of Crossfit

3. How an Ex-Marine Lost 77 lbs in 5 months following a Simple Paleo Diet Plan

We’re looking forward to featuring your transformation on!

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