What Are Some Of The Most Trusted Elliptical Brands?

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By Natalie Martin

With over 50 brands of elliptical machines, and each one claiming that theirs are the best, finding the right one for you can be challenging. While our experienced trainers are familiar with the pros and cons of each of these brands there are simply too many for us to list in this brief article, which is why we decided to limit this to the top 5 recommended brands. Hopefully this will make it easier for you to make an informed decision so you can start working towards meeting your fitness goals.


Top 5 Elliptical Brands

What Are Some Of The Most Trusted Elliptical Brands



This company became a household name in the 1970’s when it first introduced its line of cross country ski machines. By the mid 1980’s they were manufacturing a wide variety of exercise equipment, which included a long line of elliptical machines. Now they are one of the best known brands of elliptical machines. The NordicTrack series of ellipticals are designed to fit in almost any size space from large rooms to small areas under a desk. They can also be found at almost any price point, but one aspect all NordicTrack ellipticals have in common are their convenient features.

The NordicTrack Series of ellipticals also includes the top rated line of ProForm machines.


Sole Fitness

While you might not see their elliptical machines advertised on TV as often as some other brands, Sole Fitness is one of the most trusted brands of residential and light commercial cardio trainers. The company is also one of the leading international distributors of these exercise machines. Their ellipticals are usually moderately priced, and consumers do see plenty of savings in the shipping and product warranties since they are included in the elliptical’s final price. Sole elliptical machines are also well known for their high quality build and performance, but they can be somewhat limited in their programming capabilities. The highest priced model only comes with 10 programmable functions.



For well over 40 years Nautilus has been manufacturing high quality exercise equipment, and this includes their line of elliptical machines. There are several models to choose from so it is relatively easy to find one to fit most spaces and budgets, and they all come with a wide range of programming options. This helps to ensure that your workouts are always effective. Nautilus ellipticals are also known for their durability, which helps to ensure that it is a good value for your money. The one downside to owning a Nautilus elliptical is that it is one of the few that does not come with a lifetime warranty. In most cases the warranty only covers the elliptical for 10 years, though this can vary.



This might be a relatively new manufacturer of elliptical machines compared to brands like Nautilus and NordicTrack, but Exerpeutic is starting to make a name for itself. It should also be mentioned that Exerpeutic is managed by the same company that markets Ironman fitness products. This should give you a little more reassurance about the quality and performance capabilities of their elliptical machines. Some of the reason why their ellipticals are rapidly gaining in popularity is due to its affordable price, and sturdy build. These exercise machines are also designed to be incredibly stable, which typically increases its safety rating. On the downside Exerpeutic ellipticals typically do not come with a lot of extras, preferring to only include the basics.

What Are Some Of The Best Elliptical Brands


Life Fitness

For more than 40 years Life Fitness has been manufacturing and marketing high performance exercise equipment, and this includes their line of elliptical machines. Their ellipticals can be found in gyms and homes around the world, making the company one of the global leaders in the fitness industry. They are also known for their innovative designs for performance and appearance. Life Fitness ellipticals are ergonomically designed to ensure comfort, and to reduce your risk for injuries. The machines also come with the company’s advanced Eddy Current system which ensures that it is practically noiseless when it is being used. Unfortunately these machines often cannot be adjusted for stride or operator height, and this might not make them the best choice for all consumers.


These are only a few of the top rated elliptical brands for you to consider. If you are interested in a model by another manufacturer an experienced trainer should be able to answer all of your questions or you can also visit the company’s website.

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