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By Natalie Martin

Whether you are working out on an elliptical machine at home or at a gym there are a few things that you might need. Even though some people might tell you that you only need to bring your body, this may not be the best advice for you. While you won’t need to go out and purchase a lot of expensive gear, there are a few things that can make your first elliptical workout a little more comfortable. In some cases having the right gear can even help you avoid injuries.


T-Shirts        What You Need For An Elliptical Workout

Trust us when we say you will be warm enough working out on an elliptical in a T-shirt. These exercise machines are almost always located inside, whether it is at a gym or in a home. This is due to the fact that ellipticals do run off of electricity, and their large size makes them impractical to move around. Even small portable ellipticals are not designed to be used outside.

This means that you don’t have to worry about cold breezes giving you the chills during your workouts. You will actually be working up a pretty good sweat. If you’re not, chances are you are not getting the most out of your elliptical workout. You do want your t-shirts to be comfortable and loose fitting so your arm movements are restricted. One thing to watch out for is t-shirts that are too loose since the arms can get caught on the elliptical’s handles.



When it comes to whether you choose to wear pants, shorts or your underwear, it really is a matter of what feels comfortable to you. Where you are using the elliptical will also play a role in your decision, since you probably won’t be comfortable using an elliptical at the gym in a pair of boxers. You will want the pants or shorts to be made from a lightweight and comfortable material, typically cotton, polyester, nylon or a blended fabric.

You don’t want your legs to get too warm working out since this can result in fatigue, which could force you to cut your workout short. While you don’t want your clothing to restrict your movements, you also don’t want it to be loose or baggy enough to get caught on the ellipticals moving parts.


Other Items to Consider     What You Need For An Elliptical Workout

One of the advantages of working out on an elliptical machine is that you really don’t need a lot of gear. A comfy t-shirt and pair of shorts or pants can get you comfortably and safely through almost any elliptical workout, especially if you’re at home. If you are using an elliptical at the gym you will need a pair of shoes and socks, and women might want to consider investing in a sports bra. For some women this is a necessity if they want to prevent back pain and other problems during the workout.

Headbands are another item you might want to wear if you have long hair. Ponytail holders, bandanas and even baseball caps can also keep hair off of your face and out of your eyes.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to stay hydrated during your workouts, which means you will definitely want to bring at least one bottle of water with you when you are working out. An important health tip to remember is that on average an adult needs to consume around 64 ounces of water a day and this will increase when you are exercising on a regular basis.


You might want to also want to think about     What You Need For An Elliptical Workout

Towels are always welcome, especially if it’s your own. While this is rarely a problem if you are working out on an elliptical at home, it is something to think about when you are at the gym. Most gyms offer towels to their members and even visitors, but no matter how clean it looks and smells it is never the same as using your own.

One last item that can make your workouts a little easier and more convenient is a duffle bag or a large tote. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on one, and even an inexpensive bag will make it considerably easier to carry and store your workout gear. If you really want to stay organized, look for one that comes with an internal zippered compartment along with a few extra pockets on the front and sides. Some even boast a mesh pocket that is perfect for holding your water bottle.

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